12 Aug '04 - 326 W - + 17 - 9 The doc's explanation...

Well, while Dan was at home placating our cats, the doc stopped by for his daily visit.  He explained the ultrasound results, so I guess we'll see how Dan's explanation holds up.  He said that they noticed a couple of things.  First, though I still have too much amniotic fluid, I have less than has been seen in our previous ultrasounds, and that the amount no longer fits the technical diagnosis of polyhydramnios.  Second, the baby's size of a little over 4 lbs. is pretty good for this gestational age (~32.5 weeks).  Third, his abdomen is a bit smaller than the rest of him.  Finally, they also found a possible stomach. 

What does all of this mean?  Well, nothing definite.  From the amount of fluid, it looks like the baby's kidneys and bladder are working well.  The possible appearance of his stomach doesn't change much.  We still can't tell for sure whether or not he has any sort of blockage in his esophagus...the actual diagnosis will have to wait until he is born.  The smaller-than-average abdomen could mean a couple of things...it could just be due to the fact that the baby has less than the normal amount of fluid in his stomach, and therefore less stuff in his belly.  It could also be an indicator that the placenta isn't working as well as it should be.  The bottom line is that they will keep an eye on it, and if his abdomen doesn't show the proper amount of growth over the next couple weeks, they may decide to deliver him early on purpose. 

So, I guess we don't really have too much more information than we had before.  The good news is that I'm still pregnant, and making some good progress on my brand new paint-by-numbers kit!

Kari- A definite sign that you have been in the hospital too long when you are spelling polyhydramnios correctly (not sure if I routinely can do that…...)- Megan

Megan () - 12 August '04 - 13:51

Is it a bird, is it a plane….nooooooooo its ?????? paint by number kit that Kari is painting.

Mom - 12 August '04 - 14:16

It’s funny, but I never imagined that I would be kept up to date by reading the blog. Oh well, it’s not too different than my interpretation. :-p

dan - 12 August '04 - 14:26

Oh, and I knew that the doc would come the moment I left the hospital room. (monkey)

p.s. I just love playing with the emoticons.

dan - 12 August '04 - 14:28

Hello, Kari:
I asked Malcolm how you were doing, and he forwarded me the link to your diary. I just want to let you know that I am thinking about you and hoping that you, Dan, and baby boy Norton are doing fine. Baby boy of yours sounds like a good little trooper. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you soon. Hang in there!

Michelle () - 12 August '04 - 17:05

I do try to keep up on how you are doing. Thanks to you and Dan I can follow along. Now that you and Jill are gone I get to clean up I mean finish up your B7 work. I don’t want to cover too much work stuff now other then you left at a good time. I also wanted to let you know my sister-in-law’s baby had to have his esophagus connected to his stomach after being born. Denise did some research and found that is not as uncommon as you would think. Hang in there and remember when your baby is a teenager you will look back on this as the “good old times” when everything was easier.

John L () - 12 August '04 - 17:47

Hi Kari! I hope you are painting something interesting. Jill Korschgen sent me a note today asking about you. I passed along the link to this web site. She said her honeymoon went well. Its a good thing you aren’t at work this week, I think we are going to float away with all the rain. I hope you keep up the good spirits and don’t make a mess with the paints.

Malcolm () - 12 August '04 - 21:44

Hi Kari! This blog thing is amazing! Since I’ve been out of the communication loop for a while, I’ll have to go back and read up on how your journey has been so far. But first I wanted to say hi – we’ve been thinking about you and the baby through the last few weeks but couldn’t send along a note. I’ll send along some digital pics of the wedding and you can amuse yourself for a while laughing at the seemingly thousands of pictures. Also – I was always a fan of those window catcher things where you put the little plastic beads into the metal frame and then bake it in the oven – maybe ultrasound will melt them just as well! Take care up there! Jill K (Now Jill C I guess! )jmkorsch@hotmail.com

Jill K () - 13 August '04 - 10:58

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