31 May '05 - 246 W - + 17 - 14 The neverending poo.

Warning!  This is one of those stories that parents tell their childrens' prom dates...

So, Dan came home today at his normal time, and as usual, took Alex while I worked on getting dinner on the table.  Right around this time, Alex was working on his first #2 diaper in about two days.  After a while, he acted like he was done, so Dan went ahead and started changing his diaper.  Right away, he noticed that it was a lot more solid than usual, and called me into the room to take a look.  (Yes, this is what parents do...I never understood the fascination with poo until I became a parent.)  Anyway, Alex then decided to finish filling his diaper.  It was the funniest thing...Dan was holding Alex's legs up, getting ready to switch diapers, and there is a new stream coming out.  So Alex finished that one, and thinking he was done, Dan took the dirty diaper away and got the new one ready to put under him.  Guess what happens next??  Alex keeps on going...onto the blanket underneath him.  In any case, he filled another one, and now we have some laundry to do.  I probably shouldn't be posting this...for Alex's sake and ours (not to mention the readers), but I thought it was pretty funny!

Oh, and Alex now weighs 14 lbs, 3 oz (before the poo).

I guess after the poo he was back down to about 13.5, huh? :-)

Natasha - 01 June '05 - 07:26

Hahahaha…funny you should say this and I shouldn’t post this either, but Ricky used to do the same thing ALL THE TIME! We’d go through 3 or 4 diapers at one changing. Too funny but Alex will love to hear these stories when he’s older. Give the little poopmaster a kiss from us!

Crissy - 01 June '05 - 08:16

It was probably the peaches!!!

Barbara & Bernie () - 01 June '05 - 08:58

Dan,Kari & Alex: Pretty funny!!!! As a follow up, how about both of you coming up with an engineering explanation for this phenomenon!! ha ha. Thought the same thing as your sister…on what Alex’s weight was “ap”- after poo. Love, The Wiley’s

The Wiley's - 02 June '05 - 13:05

The trick is to put the new diaper underneath the old one before you remove it :) Mark Jacob and Cassie down for ‘famous for that’ as well!

Erica () - 02 June '05 - 18:33

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