28 Apr '05 - 247 W - + 18 - 13 Mid-Move Update

We are successfully homeless at the moment, having sold our house in Holtwood, and moved out this afternoon, and not closing on the new house in Niskayuna until tomorow afternoon. For the time being we are crashing at my parents place, which is conveniently on the way between the two houses. So far things have gone off well enough. There have been a ton of miscommunication issues between us and the people organizing the closing in NY, but I suppose we just have to keep our fingers crossed, and assume that everything will go off tomorrow, without a hitch.

The cats have invaded my parents' house, and have revealed a side of their cat Milton that I have never seen before. Milton used to live under the shadow of Marble, who was a mean vicious cat, leaving Milton a cowering mess, but Marble passed on a few years back, and Milton has been much happier since. Now, when Milton saw our two cats, he actually hissed and growled at them. Go figure. I never would have expected it out of him.

I'm not certain when we will have regular internet access in Niskayuna, so the blog might be a little sporadic for a bit, but as of yet, Alex has taken the move well, sleeping 2 3/4 hours out of a 3 1/4 hour drive today. Kari, on the other hand, got to take the cats in the other car, who were a bit less sedated during the drive.

I wish you all very well during this chaotic time…am interested to see who becomes alpha cat…I think that Kujo might try and take over before you know it. Butter prob takes the lead as the antisocial cat. Let us know in your own time how the bolus feeds are and how finding new doctors for Alex went!!!

Natasha - 29 April '05 - 17:13

Dan, congratulations on your defense, and graduating college with your Ph.D. I am sure with the need for you to find a job and with Alex that it is possible that your great and wonderful accomplishment may fall by the way-side, but you have passed a large and wonderful hurdle!!!!! COngrats to your family in your new home (albeit in NY). I miss all of you dearly already…knowing that you are far away in NY and I cannot see little Alex as much breaks my heart! Can’t wait until I see my Fazzi-Bear again!

Natasha - 07 May '05 - 20:05

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